VIPORA PLASTIC TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION was established and operated in the field of producing rattan resin, such as: Rattan, Parabolic, Fear PP, Belt, Domestic and foreign businesses are handicraft products, interior decoration, famous for their high quality, diversified and rich in designs and designs, and especially they do not create compounds that have been picked up. Received in many international markets. The company has been developing, wishing to expand cooperation with domestic and foreign partners.

 With the viewpoint of great development, it is necessary to combine traditional factors with advanced technology and equipment to ensure the delivery time, improve product quality and avoid environmental pollution. Especially in the production process, we do not use Toxic chemicals so do not create compounds, chemicals that affect the environment and people.

 All of our plastic resin products have long-term warranty with outstanding features such as: Resistant to environmental temperature, no cracking, cracking or shape changes, very little affected by rain water. , Seawater, or chlorinated acid so it is suitable for the production of outdoor products. Diverse in size, design and colors, it is very convenient for the processing of fine art products, especially to make the most of raw materials, to prevent waste in the process of cleaning. Easy with wet towels, or other soap or detergent.

 Product quality:

- Input materials and output are always strictly controlled.

- Do not create compounds, ensure the safety of users.

 - Waterproof products.


 - VIPORA is committed to offering a reasonable price with the product you request.


- VIPORA conception: Customer is the decider of the existence of the business. Therefore, we always try to satisfy customers, preserve their credibility for business development.